What areas do you serve legal documents in?

Call Me Process Serving specializes in serving the entire San Fernando Valley. Please note some areas have an added distance fee. Please see our Service Area tab for listings by Cities and Zip Codes served. 

How fast is a REGULAR served?

1st attempt at service is conducted within 72 hours of receiving the documents and payment.

How fast is a RUSH served?

1st attempt at service is conducted within 48 hours of receiving the documents and payment.

How fast is an EXPEDITED serve?

1st attempt at service is conducted within 72 hours of receiving the documents and payment.

How many ATTEMPTS at serve do you make?

All REGULAR, RUSH & EXPEDITED Serves include three (3) attempts at serve at one address or until the address is deemed bad (invalid)

What if the defendant lives in a difficult access property (Gated Community or a Security building) can you enter?

Yes, a Registered Process Server has the legal right to trespass, however there is a difficult access fee charged.

Do you file the Proof of Service?

Yes, for an added fee Call Me Process Serving with file your proof of service (POS) with the court clerk and will return a court conformed copy of the POS to you for your records reflecting the filing. 

Do you do Same Day Court Filings?

Yes, Call Me Process Serving offers case filings (limited service) for all San Fernando Valley Court Houses.

Do I pay for copies?

Please note if the documents are emailed or faxed, Call Me Process serving prints the first six (6) pages of your documents at no charge (standard small claims action).  After the first six (6) pages there is a fee of 0.35 cents per page

Can I mail or bring the documents to Call Me Process Serving?

Yes, you may bring or mail your document to Call Me Process Serving.  You must provide two (2) COMPLETE copies of whatever you are serving.  Call Me Process Serving must have an identical copy of all documents whether it is electronically stored via email or in a paper hard copy delivered to the office.  Please contact Call Me Process Serving prior to bringing or mailing your documents.

Why does Call Me Process Serving keep a copy of the documents to be served? 

It is Call Me Process Servings strict policy to retain an identical copy of whatever is being served for two reasons. 

1). A copy of the documents served are needed in order to properly fill out the Proof of Service which is required by the Court Clerk.  If one page/form is missing and not documented on the Proof of Service,  the serve will be rejected by the court clerk.

2). If at a future date the serve comes into question and you need the process server to testify in court or you need a sworn declaration of due diligence – statement of the facts of serve , (offered on the website), Call Me Process Servings needs the documents in order to reference what was served.

Can I charge my purchase? 

Yes, Call Me Process Serving is a secured server and for added security processes all charged payments though PayPal’s secured server; offering you a double layer of protection.

What are other payment methods?

In addition to credit card charging, Call Me Process Serving accepts Chase Bank Quick Pay, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks or Cash on site.  A receipt is always provided to the client.